Kurt Oswald, CES™

In 2001, Kurt Oswald joined the financial services profession to make a difference in the lives of everyday hardworking American. He thrives in one-on-one interactions with people and seeks to listen and learn so he can understand their current financial situations. He helps to identify areas of concern and educates them on possible strategies and solutions most appropriate for them. Together with his team of specialists at Lincoln Financial Advisors, Kurt helps clients take action to implement solutions for their protection, accumulation and distribution of their life’s work and earnings.

As a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist™ (CES™) and Business Intelligence Specialist, Kurt specializes in helping clients with their:

  • Income protection during their working years with contingency planning for business owners and key employees
  • Understanding of the true value of their business, and converting their business assets to cash in the most tax-advantaged manner
  • Desire to attract, retain and reward superior performance of key employees
  • Options on who will run their business when they are ready to slow down or stop working in the business
  • Funding for key financial goals such as education, vacations and life’s many milestones
  • Saving for their nest eggs and retirement plans
  • Financial plans that help them live life with independence and honor in their retirement years
  • Legacy intentions for their loved ones and those in their business and local community

From humble beginnings and work experience in small businesses and the freight and transportation industry, Kurt enjoys the simple things in life, like doing something to put a smile on people’s faces everyday. When not visiting with clients, Kurt spends as much time as possible with his children, family and friends.

Phone (623) 810-1266